Auto Dialing Solutions

Cloud-Based Auto Dialer Solution.

Auto Dialer a Perfect Solution to Dial Number Automatically

Which is a better and cost-effective dialing solution? Dialing a number Automatically or Dialing Manually. A dialer that helps to dials telephone numbers automatically maintains a high level of utilization and cost-effective.Autodialer work in two different ways first Once the call has been answered, the autodialer either plays a recorded message or connects the call to a live person. When the call answered by pre-recorded message then this will be termed as a voice broadcasting and when an auto-dialer connects an answered call to a live agent then it is called predictive dialer.

Maintaining a high level of usage and cost efficiency auto dialer definitely helps you, Automatic dialing can improve the team efficiency to get sales and in lead generations. They automatically dial the telephone number in your contact list, answer the machine, leave occupied tones and interface your specialists directly to live prospects.

Auto Dialer Software Features

Predictive Dialing

Campaign Management

Answering Machine Detection

DNC Management

Call Back & Reminders

Call Recording

Call Monitoring

Reports & Analytics

How Does the Auto Dialer Work?

Step 1

Choose You file of your contact list to upload contacts.

Step 2

Select record button and record your message.

Step 3

Final save all the settings and start!

Get Our Auto Dialer Solution Service to Manage Automatically Your Customer.

Benefits you get with auto dialer

Political Campaigns

Use the auto dialer to reach voters and get your message heard, and use automated telephone polls and surveys to find out what is working for your campaign. Deliver your message to millions.

Event Notification

Use the auto dialer to automatically call people for upcoming event notifications, event time changes, road closures, and more.

Weather Alerts

Use auto dialer to notify millions of people about severe weather conditions, such as upcoming hurricanes, floods, or other disasters.

Bill Collection

Use the auto dialer to automatically call people for debt collection with personalized messages. Use a press 1 campaign to connect to an agent or IVR system to resolve payment issues over the phone.

Delivery Notification

Use the auto dialer to call people for merchant pickup and delivery notifications.

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