Data Warehouse Service Provider

A data warehouse is a data storage system designed specifically for question and examination, empowering businesses to change data into actionable insight. Many Businesses is moving to a cloud data warehouse model.

GUJ TechnoLogic data warehousing services incorporates data modeling and architecting, data System integration, data governance, Data Back-Up And Recovery Solutions, data warehouse migration services, enterprise data management services, performance, and managed IT services.

GUJ TechnoLogic offer unique tailored data warehousing solutions to cater to diverse industrial requirements.


Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is not only about acquiring a high volume of data, but also about high-variety and value. We use the latest data meeting, filtering and cleaning algorithms to ensure that only high-value data is stored in your data warehouse.

Data Profiling

Analysis of your big data starts with productive profiling the data you have procured. Our specialists help you profile the complex data you get thoroughly so that you can use the data with confidence.

Data Warehouse Maintenance

GUJ Technologic skill and follow a structured approach to help your data warehouse so that the analytics environment is accessible to you consistently.

Data Back-Up And Recovery Solutions

We help you take continuous and automatic backup of your important data so that it can be retrieved and utilized when required.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, or Managed Solution, allow a business to hand over its IT operations by having a service provider takes care of everything.

Data Quality Management

Data quality management goes all the way from the acquisition of data and the implementation of advanced data processes, to an effective distribution of data.

Data Security

Our data security Services help the company in creating a roadmap to achieve maximum protection against data breaches.

Data Transformation

Data transformation is the process of converting data from one format or structure into another format or structure. Data transformation is critical to activities such as data integration and data management.

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